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Calgro M3 is the developer of choice in selected markets through the consistent delivery of homes and memorial parks of the highest quality.

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Our turnkey and variable approach affords Calgro M3 the opportunity to manage each aspect of the Residential Property Development and Memorial Parks businesses and in this way, trap margin within the business, while ensuring high-quality end products and services at an affordable price to the customer. We provide end-to-end solutions, through specialist business units and dedicated management that focus on high growth, niche markets and ensure a deep pool of expertise.

Guiding principles that set us apart

Building legacies, Changing lives.

Calgro M3 has operated as a residential property developer since 1995. In 2015 the Group ventured into the development of Memorial Parks. Calgro M3’s market is driven by the need for housing and burial sites. For all of the above there is a dire shortage in South Africa. Across the spectrum of products there is a fundamental principle that Calgro M3 will ensure delivery of quality products in a professional and dignified manner.

What does this mean?

Calgro M3 is driven in its purpose to deliver quality products and services to South Africans in segments where there are fundamental shortages. By building truly integrated developments, which have access to transport, clinics, shopping centres, education, day care, rainwater harvesting and many more benefits, and making safe, secure and well-maintained burial sites available, the lives of people are improved and dignity restored.

Social consciousness

In all that we do, we ensure that our social consciousness is in the right place. Our homes are quality built in areas where housing shortages exist, close to modes of transport, with access to educational facilities, with sufficient green areas, walkways and play areas for children. Importantly, our homes also conform to various environmental standards where we install water reticulation and rainwater harvesting, gas and solar for heating geysers with a final build that is as socially conscious as possible.

What does this mean?

At Calgro M3 our mantra of Building legacies, Changing lives, rings true and is the foundation of all that we do. The external recognition we have received for our achievements speaks volumes in this regard, and we can be rightly proud of how we operate.

Positioned for growth

We are positioned to grow the developments and memorial parks businesses in the medium term, and believe that we remain well positioned to grow in future.

What does this mean?

All funding on the balance sheet is unsecured and managed through a central treasury function. Our gearing has to adhere to strict covenant levels imposed by external funders as well as internal tolerance levels. All funding raised on the debt capital markets or elsewhere involves reputable financial organisations.

Sustainability through a comprehensive project pipeline

Our pipeline is R17.4 billion, made up as follows: 88% Residential Property Development and 12% Memorial Parks. These properties and memorial parks are located across provinces in South Africa and provide a good risk mix.

What does this mean?

Our footprint is able to support our underlying principle of reducing the housing and burial shortage in South Africa.