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Calgro M3 is the developer of choice in selected markets through the consistent delivery of homes and memorial parks of the highest quality.

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Cannon Asset Managers: SuperDogs wagging ahead - by Doug Turvey

For equity investors, 2014 was anything but smooth sailing on the local bourse. Rather, the year was characterised by a significant increase in volatility, particularity towards the latter part of the year. Specifically, investor sentiment turned sharply against resources stocks on the back of fears of a possible slowdown in Chinese consumption, a general oversupply of iron ore and a collapse in the oil price. Overall, cheap shares became…

Our investing roadmap for 2015

Why I'm still buying shares while the crowd thinks our market is too high.


Simon Brown's three stock picks for the year

SIKI MGABADELI: Well it's 2015 so we're doing our annual stock pick session. Looking at the stocks you should be watching for this year, as told to us by our commentator. Simon Brown is with JustOneLap and joins us now. Simon thanks so much for your time today. Firstly, before you tell us what your stock picks are, what were your criteria for picking them?

Simon Brown: Evening Siki … I'm looking for a couple of…

Projects to boost Calgro revenue

CALGRO M3, a builder specialising in Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) housing on Friday announced it had begun its South Hills and Belhar Projects to add another boost to the group's revenue.

Calgro's overall pipeline is worth about R17bn. Most of the projects within it should be realised in the next six years. This means annual revenue will breach the R1bn mark, CEO Ben Pierre Malherbe said.

Its share rose 3.13% to R9.90 on Friday…

PRO PICK: Calgro M3 fills the pipeline

As arguably one of the most challenging years draws to an end, few South African companies are feeling festive, with most entities disappointing on profits as a result of anaemic growth conditions, a highly indebted customer base and disruptive strike action.

While this has led to a renewed call for diversifying offshore, Calgro M3 continues to fill its pipeline with local projects. The company has been one of the big winners over the past five…