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Calgro M3 is the developer of choice in selected markets through the consistent delivery of homes and memorial parks of the highest quality.

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At Calgro M3 we are shaping a responsible business in an ethical way every day. It’s how we make profits, not just how we spend them that counts. We generate direct and indirect economic value for local communities from our operations as we develop entire communities, not just properties. We believe that in supporting education, a meaningful difference can be made to change the well-being of South Africans!

Calgro M3’s investment in social initiatives is aligned to its philosophy of community development. We invest in social development initiatives that help uplift and empower. We favour the support of projects in our residential developments, identifying opportunities where we can make a tangible difference, supporting the growth and development of individuals, nurturing vulnerable or needy groups, or strengthening the community.

The Group is involved in the development of various schools, crèches, clinics, parks and community centres within its developments. In all instances, Calgro M3’s investment in chosen initiatives is voluntary, not mandated. Town planning regulations for Integrated Developments stipulate that land must be reserved for public use and that developers may not raise any structures on or develop that land.

Signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (“UNGC”)

Corporate social investment

Calgro M3 adheres to the sustainability principles of:

Our core CSR objectives are:

  • Partner with specialist service providers, including non-profit organisations, to ensure appropriate skills are applied to execute initiatives
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, investors, funders and communities
  • Community involvement
  • Monitor outcomes and manage investments to drive delivery of envisaged benefits
  • Wellness of employees
  • Education and upliftment of communities